Redefining Storytelling

Redefining Storytelling

BoomWriter Media is redefining what it means to tell stories.

Our unique approach enables writers, in all areas of life, to collaborate and compete for pieces of stories.

Readers can follow projects as they progress and watch competitions happen in real time.

It is very addictive.


Writers competing from over 68 countries


Over 2.5 million writing collaborations and growing


Over 10,000 titles completed in the last 36 months


Over 50,000 schools have signed up for our education model

Boomwriter in Education

Over 50,000 teachers can’t be wrong. BoomWriter in education is one of the fastest growing educational technology applications in schools today.

BoomWriter in education is one of the fastest growing writing applications in schools today.

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Skrawl By BoomWriter

Used by anyone who wants to write and engage with a community of writers, Skrawl is an online collaboration platform for generating ideas, stories, and other original content.

After two million projects, we have proven that we can generate faster and higher quality content, whether that be stories, articles, editorials - in fact, anything.

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The Writing Bee Competition

BoomWriter Media launched the Writing Bee after many requests from our user base. The first three Bee’s have seen triple digit growth with some of the highest engagement stats you will see on the web.

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